Court Commissioned

Forensic Documents and Handwriting Expert

Phaneendar's  Profile

Mr. Phaneendar B N  would have been a Network Security Professional along with his Master’s degree in science or a professional percussionist which he is passionate.
It was when he received a life threat letter and could not find a professional to help him out to identify the author of the letter; he decided to learn Handwriting Identification. As many Questioned Document professionals in their books mentioned that there are no university level courses offered in the field of Forensic Documents, he found it challenging to start his learning under one of the senior expert in the field of Disputed Documents. 

It was Prof. V C Misra, who is one of the most experienced Handwriting and Fingerprint Expert (Delhi) who is also a professor at AMITY University – Forensic Department who encouraged and motivated Phaneendar's intention to become a professional in the field of Questioned Documents. Practicing under the guidance of such professional for more than 2 years, Mr. Phaneendar B N was introduced to the real time cases on Forgeries, Threat-letter identification, Suicide note Identification, Mechanical and chemical Erasures of the documents, Differentiating the inks, handling different scientific instruments, photographing the documents, report writing and preparing for Cross Examination. 

In the process of enhancing the skills, Mr. Phaneendar B N completed the course on Forensic document Examination from American Institute of Applied Sciences, USA and he feels proud that he is being guided personally by International Handwriting Expert Ms. Katherine Koppenhaver, a Certified Document Examiner - USA and reputed author in the field of Questioned Documents. Ms. Debra Dunlap - Forensic Document Examiner of Liberty Investigative Services, Ottawa – Canada is his mentor who helps him in every step of up gradation. 


Mr. Phaneendar is currently engaged in the research on "The effect on connections between the letters in the act of Disguise" under the guidance of Ms. Katherine Koppenhaver. 
With many other certifications and memberships in the forensic field, it was for the first time in 2009, he got appointed as the ‘Court Commissioner’ by one of the Honourable Law court. From then, he is being recognised as the ‘Handwriting Expert’ and appointed as the ‘Commissioner to the Court’ in many legal cases. 

With an intention to provide the best professional services in the field of Forensic Document Examination and Private Investigation, he became the co-founder of "Clue 4 Evidence Forensic Investigations Pvt. Ltd." which is an organisation offering Fraud and Risk management solutions in the relevant fields. 

(However Mr. Phaneendar B N is also a Certified Voice Polygraphist, Fingerprint Expert and also a Accident Re-construction expert. This web page is exclusive for his expertise as a Forensic Document Examininer)